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trans am [16 Apr 2003|09:42am]
Selling this trans-am... $7,500... so fast


[12 Apr 2003|11:58pm]

my neighbor is playing his drums. [28 Apr 2002|01:06pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

last night was ok, but ive come to the conclusion for the 500000th time that rohnert park is gay as hell.. wont be too much longer til im outta here, but so last night.. adam came down and me him shep kyle and brian chilled for a little bit and we picked up harry at in n out.. wasted a little money last night too, didnt think i was so low on cash :(, but whatever.. anyways we met up with julie and sarah and ended up hittin up this little party that we left early, well sarah and julie stayed, but we left... yeah then drove around haha then came home :\


digital [27 Apr 2002|03:46pm]
[ mood | drained ]

man, ive been stressed lately... my dad ended up finding out about my little accident, and callin me up all mad.. so im supposed to go to his house today and have "a little talk about a few things", thatll be great! but anyways i guess adams coming down today? i have no clue.. i think he was lying but whatever.. anyways last night was ok, didnt do much but simple k rolled over and we drove around, went to m park for a min cuz brian was there.. nothin goin on, so we ended up goin to kyles friends house til like 3... but, no girl for me :( whatever... i gotta do some chores, and go to my dads... peace


shiiit [22 Apr 2002|11:48pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

man, that was just GAY...

so im chillin at s park playin a little lacrosse, when i lose my ball in the bushes...
i go to get my ball, and i find it in a pile of dirt, sticks, leaves and shit like that.. so i grab my ball, along with all the dirt and shit and fling it into the air...
i look up to catch the ball, and as it comes down, so does all the dirt..
it all falls in my eyes... so i go to my truck to look in the mirror and clean my eye out..
i do all i can do and i go to hop out of my car, with my eyes all covered in shit still, and thinking about that, i lock my keys in my car...
so then im like shit, call my mom about 100 times and she never answers the phone so i figure ill call back later...
kyle shows up, offeres a ride, but i say nah my moms comin...
she never came...
so i had to walk home from s park at 10:30 at night, and i get home and i cant even find my spare keys...
i look for a long time til i find em, and then its off to the garage to get my bike and ride the fucker back to s park...
i ride off like im 12 again, and stop at shell to fill up my tires....
i get my truck, and come home... the end

so basically if you dont wanna read all that shit -> locked keys in truck, walk home, ride bike back, come home with truck.

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smokin endo in mendo [21 Apr 2002|06:58pm]
[ mood | high ]

Whatsup everyone :).... jus got back from mendo a couple hours ago.. it was aiiiight.. the tournament was kinda gay, we lost both games and i didnt get to play hella like i wanted to but i did have a goal today :) ya baby.... but anyways yesterday was 4/20.. and tomorrows my bro's birthday.. woRd, but im out.. its 7 o clock on SUNDAY and i hope all u kids watch the simpsons tonight!

And i get to sleep in tomorrow!


Couple pics added from friday night ->

mattie, harry, and jenn, the groupies + harry.. thatll go on the rubberband site :)

jeana, brian, and ashley at the CRAZY rancho dance.. yeah it was gay...
i jus noticed im not in any of these pics, whatever.. probly cuz i was takin em all, though :P
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cold [18 Apr 2002|04:28pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

SHIT when was the last time i updated this thing? days. well hey..WINNING STREAK... weve one 3 games in a row, and too bad i only really played in one and a little yesterday cuz my fuckin neck and shit.. im so fucking pissed off about it.... so anyways my necks just fucked up from the accident, im going to the chiropractor every day for a while.. so gay, but whatever - gotta get better.

on a better note, this weekend 4/20 weekend, ill be in mendocino.. yay mendocino on 4/20.. should be awesome, only thing is im gonna have to take somethin so i can play in my tourny this weekend, probly some vicadin+coffee+energy pills.. i dunno why i jus think that sounds like a fun combo :)

i dunno why these pics arent workin, i think skups server is down or sometin.. i dunno :(

and oh ya, i suck at school.. fuck it

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sweet [13 Apr 2002|09:19pm]
[ mood | amused ]

man i wish i could play lacrosse again!!! today's game was pretty dope, we played a sacramento team in sactown, they weren't that good but it was an awesome game..

ended up winning 13-3, nice. April 15th, im shooting to be able to play by then ;)


chiropracticionation [11 Apr 2002|05:40pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Well... I just got back from the chiropractor, went cuz my neck and back are hurtin from my accident..

basically he said my necks fucked up. The bone in the back of my head is too relaxed so its almost loose, theres a bunch of inflammation in my neck and it feels all messed up.

So I got some x-rays, and I get to go back tomorrow and see what this guy has to say.. sweet.. i better be fucking better by the 17th, but by the looks of things, im not going to be. I cant even tell you how fucking mad id be if I didnt get to play in our FIRST and most likely ONLY home fucking game.


damn [10 Apr 2002|02:40pm]
i need an isp(internet service provider). Someone give me one :(

and itd be so tight if someone bought me a lj account, theyre hella cheap.. thanks
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dfg [07 Apr 2002|05:23pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

this spring break sucked.

this was chillin in front of my house today.. im sure some of you have seen it around RP

someone buy me a paid livejournal account ;) ... seriously
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fuck! [06 Apr 2002|05:57pm]
[ mood | WTF ]

Shit.. so thats being involved in 2 accidents this week. today i hit a car goin like 5 mph. fucked it up. damn bronco.. my dads gonna be pissed! anyways the lady was kinda mean but this sucks.. shit, anyways last night chris carr from my school got in a car accident and died... i guess he was racing and hit a tree and he died in the hospitalDBA, sad shit. So lets recap the vehicular shit this week -

  • adam rolls his truck, scary shit
  • Chad's truck rolls
  • franks truck rolls
  • Another car accident at cow.. dont know who
  • Austins blazer crashes and starts on fire
  • chris carr dies in an accident
  • I hit a car today in my own accident
  • Andrews accidenton the freeway i think
  • jeffs accident
  • chris gets in an accident

  • wtf? thats 10...that i can THINK of
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    whatup [06 Apr 2002|01:49am]
    [ mood | indifferent ]

    sup.. chillin at 1:50 again alone.. well adams asleep, and everyone is doin nothing.. today was pretty fuckin awesome. me and adam went to work for a friend movin shit from his house.. he smoked us out all day... paid us $100 each.. and bought us dinner.. what a cool guy.. and hey....

    kyle's new sn= kat7, kylle is someone else


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    blow it away [05 Apr 2002|01:34am]
    [ mood | nostalgic ]

    suP.. yeah, im jus chillin alone, its like 1:30 and my mom made me come home.. this is gay.. i think im gonna sneak back out, shi0t...hmm im pretty lit, its fun as hell.. im tellin u.. shit i feel like chillin right now, but not alone, FUCK! ;)

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    pics [03 Apr 2002|10:52am]
    well.. heres the pics

    and lol ya i was in the passenger seat ;)
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    pathfinder :\ [02 Apr 2002|01:40pm]
    welp, got in a car accident last night.. pretty gay shit.. goin down a dirt road lost control hit a bank and rolled the bitch.. i wasnt drivin, it was my friend in his car drivin, lost control on a dirt road and hit a bank and rolled it 2 and a half times i think.. i was on the bottom.. we got some pics, ill put em up later when we develop them.. crazy ass shit, where i was sittin got FUCKED... peace
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    HAPPY EASTER! [31 Mar 2002|12:39pm]
    [ mood | peaceful ]

    so last night was aight.. ended up callin lane and havin him thomas and matt come pick me up so we could do somethin... so we went to justin haleys, then went and got some beer.. and drove around til we found this lil party in j section... wasnt too bad for not havin that many girls, couldve been WAY better but whatever, we got all spring break left.. so i only downed like 6 beers and got home pretty early, like 12:15 or somethin... and did a lil partyin of my own ;) well im out.. HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    gangsta [30 Mar 2002|01:43pm]

    don't front
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    [30 Mar 2002|03:13am]
    [ mood | contemplative ]

    "plastered crew likes to get drunk crunk tight blasty outta sight
    fa sho thats tight but tonight weed is my insight
    lettin loose my soul from the bleedin within my shit
    trippin out my brain like the negative siN quarterback blitz"

    tonight was alright, i guess.. me, brian, shep, kyle, matt roll to SR after chillin for a little bit with sisson and them in Rp... went to in n out.. saw some people there then rolled to SR.. picked up some girl for brian, and there was this dance at clo's tht we stopped by at, but kyle needed to leave so we came back to rp, then shep and brian started arguin lol funny ass shit.. me n shep jus chilled in my truck for a lil bit then i came home, and ya, on another note, that stuff is definitely not bammer :).. peace, and that up there ^^^ gay, but i thought id post it :)

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    YA [28 Mar 2002|07:49pm]
    [ mood | excited ]

    hell ya baby! won our lacrosse game today FUCK YA!! we played NOVATO and we won 10-7 how sweet is that. It was hella fun even though it was hellllllla hot and tiring but it was still hella sik. Cant believe we beat novato.. DAMn were gettin good fast! TOMORROW LAST DAY UNTIL SPRING BREAK!!

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    spring break [27 Mar 2002|11:56pm]
    [ mood | irritated ]

    damnnn ... i been copying this assignment for bio for like 4 hours, imagine if i actually did it myself.. SHIT, i dont think i could have.. oh well im bout to do this huge graph for it then get some sleep. welllll tomorrow we got a lacrosse game against novato in novato... novatos a hella good team, should be fun as fuck but novatos pretty far away, whatever...SPRING BREAK next week fuck yeA.. i gotta try and get a job soon so i can have some dough for some things to make my week a lil funner ;)... shep said somethin about goin campin on friday so maybe well do that campins pretty fuckin sick if u go to a good place. i dunno i think im jus gonna chill over break though, friends comin down from reno, hit up some parties, make some brownies, drink some brews, yuh'know

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    i should get some sleep [24 Mar 2002|01:59am]
    [ mood | sleepy ]

    welp.. tonight was pretty chill.. me and kt THOUGHT we got ditched by a couple friends but i guess we didnt.. its all good... we tried findin somethin to do but jus ended up chillin at his house and rearrangin his room a little bit, wasnt too bad, and im about to hit the sack, no one on and there aint nothin to do.. and last night was aight.. drank a couple brews and some other little shit.. peace suckaz

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    Lax [21 Mar 2002|07:33pm]
    [ mood | good ]

    Lacrosse...fuckin sik.. we had a game today against southern marin lacrosse club, and i guess theyre pretty damn good, well they were. Game started off pretty shitty, we werent playin that good together but as it went on we played awesome.. we were even ahead by i think 3 goals at one point, and there was like a minute left and it was 9-9... but they scored :(.. so we lost 10-9.. not bad for our 3rd game ever? dont think so.. it was fuckin sik.. well im gonna go cuz were gonna go get some pizza with the team.. peacE

    kinda gay pic, but oh well
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    i thought designated driver meant somethin else... [17 Mar 2002|11:04pm]
    [ mood | blah ]

    welp, whats goin on? i kinda neglected postin here for the last week, not much been goin on but the stuff that has been i dont really feel like talkin about, but im gonna try and put this and last weekend behind me as quick as i can, and maybe next weekend ill get drunk and actually have fun like i used to. Well I finally decided, tomorrow im heading to petsmart - i heard its all dirty and sucks to work there but i dont even give a shit right now, i figure give it a whirl, and if it sucks, ill quit.. simple as that
    i took some pics earlier maybe ill post em later... peace

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    ahh [10 Mar 2002|11:01pm]
    [ mood | sleepy ]

    my backpack+hat+keys are locked in my car, tried to break in but couldnt, ya ill be a little late for school tomorrow :\

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